Shirley Grove was the wife of Otto Grove and the mother of Charles, Elaine and Claire. Otto and Shirley were married over 25 years and raised their beautiful family in Marble Falls, Texas. Shirley was a truly interesting person to be around. She was an avid reader and could talk to you about all matters of countless subjects - from rocks to politics to history or everyday events. She devoured every book she got her hands on.

Shirley also had one of the best laughs ever. You always knew when she was around, because she was constantly laughing, and her laugh carried through a crowded and even noisy filled room. Shirley also loved cats. A proud owner of over 10 cats at any one time, she was well known to take in the neighborhood stray or feed and take care of any animals that she (or her children) may have found in the area.

Shirley loved to throw parties, dressing in style, riding around in her custom made kit car, smoking outside in her beautiful backyard and talking about a variety of subjects. She certainly will be missed.



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