If you didn't like Emo, then you don't like cats. This is by far my favorite cat of all time. This cat was part pure sweetness and part pure evil. Just like any great cat. Emo loved to crawl into your lap on a nice cool morning and she would gladly sit in your lap for hours. If you made the mistake of petting her while she was in your lap, it usually only lasted for a few minutes, because after those few minutes, this cat would claw you up pretty good.

Emo was a turbo kitty. She was a bit crazy. She loved to just run around the house at 100 mph. She would tear through the house, jump on counters, the fridge, couches, chairs and you. She loved to play and chase things. She was a very special kitty and a lot of fun to spend time with...when she let you! :-)



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